Saturday, December 5, 2009

Letter to My Tango Teacher

Hi Lois and David,

Hope you had a safe and semi-bearable trip home.

David, thanks for the homemade Baileys ... it was well worth the lugging, though I did grab a taxi eventually and I finally got an honest driver! But before I did I starting walking home and with the champagne buzz I went in the wrong direction and ended up in Palaremo Hollywood. At a park with dogs (and you know about me and dogs).

I sat down to pet a Great Dane, whose name was Luna. Luna expressed great interest in the steaks you gave me, which were in my bag. Luna's owner--a middle-aged man with a kind face--and I started talking in pidgeon English. I told my new acquaintance about David's homemade Bailey's and his eyes lit up. So I showed him my bottle and he had a taste.

"Ahhh, muy, muy bien!"

My new friend and I sat and watched the little green parrots flying about. It was early evening and Palermo Hollywood has a little bit of a suburban (in a good way)feel, the air fresher and with more trees and grass.

My new friend started philosophizing out loud in Spanglish ... something about there being one woman for each man (I think). And the universe being all one, and we are a part of the universe ... He did a lot of sighing and petting of Luna.

My cell phone rang and broke the reverie ... who could be calling me now that you're gone?

It was someone I had contacted about working on my computer notebook. I needed to go. Walking to a parked cab, I woke up the driver who was sleeping behind the wheel. As the taxi pulled away I waved out the back window to Luna and her owner. A little moment in time, neither one to be seen again.




  1. This is not connected to this post, but it seemed the most direct way to send you a note. There is a brand new expat web site here, and a few of its members are meeting for lunch at the best fish restaurant in BAires, it's in Palermo Hollywood. Check it out here --

    You would be welcome to join if you are interested in meeting new people here.

    By the way, I am not an artist, per se. I am a writer. This is my webblog --

    I really enjoy your perspective in this blog of yours.

  2. Dear Donigan,

    I'm so used to not getting comments that I just discovered yours tonight!

    Have I missed the dinner?

    Miz Boom Boom

  3. Yep. But we do meet for lunch from time to time. My email address can be found on my webblog, so send me a note and I'll let you know when we are getting together again.