Thursday, January 14, 2010

Miz Boom Boom Finds Her Argie Son

So I hired a taxi dancer named Louis on the recommendation of a fellow tango dancer. Louis turned out to be very young, handsome and enthusiastic. However, our age difference warranted some kind of story, so I made one up.

I told Louis, if anyone asked, tell them this: Many years ago on a visit to Argentina, I was seduced by a gaucho. It was dark. I was young. The result was him. Reluctantly, I gave him up for adoption and returned home. Now, I've returned to Argentina to find my long lost son. And tonight, my son is sharing his love of tango with his long lost mother.

Louis and I went to Salon Canning on a Monday night. I figured it would be a slow night and we could dance on a fairly empty floor. It was like walking into the Minnesota State Fair on a sunny Saturday.We couldn't move without getting elbowed or stepped on. Such a shame! And not a cheap night either.

But a mother will do anything for her son.


  1. Hola Miz BB!

    Yeah, Canning is like that.
    And it's better to hire an age-appropriate taxi dancer.
    But next time you'll know.

    Meanwhile, I wish you a great trip with lots of visits to "tango heaven!"

    (If you're here on a Saturday afternoon, please come to Los Consagrados and ask for our table. It'll be a different experience, I promise.)


  2. I would love to join you! It's difficult to attend milongas alone, at least for me it is. What time does your group usually attend?